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13 September 2009 @ 02:06 pm
my first fanfic so enjoy! :D  

christian stared at syeds sleeping sillouette next to him, he was in complete awe at how beautifull syed was how his skin and beautifull thick hair glowed under the moonlight he also noticed how fragile he was too which made christian very protective over him,he never felt this way before nobody could make him feel the way syed did , the way he held his hand and helped him grow his confidence back, nobody could do that only syed,he made christian feel like 'superman',and as christian watched syeds chest rise and fall effortlessly he realised he was in love with the most amazing man in the world: syed masood, but did syed feel the same way? sure he held his hand through bad times and made him laugh through good times, christian thought telling him three little words would be simple but it wasnt it was far from that, christian really wanted syed to know how he felt that he loved him and would walways look after him and protect him,he would have to tell him soon though, christian put his strong arms around syed protectively as if he would never let him go and drifted to sleep...

syed woke up around 6:00am he should be getting up and dressed ready for work but he didnt care anymore he just wanted to stay with christian in there own little world just the two of them,he watched christian sleep for a while, he loved the way the light shined through the gap between the curtains onto his face, he was so amazingly handsome,syed suddenly knew he loved christian it was obvious, syed had to tell him he could hide this feeling no longer,syed could of sat there staring all day untill suddenly christian woke up due to the alarm clock, syed gave christian one of those smiles that made christian melt "good morning sleepy head" said syed "good morning" replied christian cheerfully..christian glanced over the alarm clock "we should really be going to work or zainab will kill us" christian was about to get up but syed said with that boyish innocence "but why? cant we stay here for a while?please?"he asked, syed knew this worked on everyone and christian couldnt help not to fool for it "alright sy but not too long beacuse-" christian was cut off because syed had his lips planted firmly against christians kissing him passionatley , christian responded and kissed back with such force that syed lost balance and fell off the bed with christian on top, "god are your ok sy?"christian asked worriedly, he always took extra care with syed and was always gentle "i would be better if you kissed me" syed replied,christian smiled and kissed him once more with his hands through syed silky soft hair,god how he loved syed!

syed and christian where bored out of there minds at work, especially with zainab and ian talking on and on about how to improve the business ,the only way syed and christian could keep themselves busy was doing the occasional flirting which both of them where  extremly good at...syed put his hand on christians knee from under the table and winked at him , syed was very good at this christian thought as he felt syed suddenly squeeze his knee, christian started to smile broadly at syed which made zainab and ian angry "syed,christian go clean up in the kitchen seem as thought you arent taking any notice of me and ian and grinning at each other like a pair of idiots!" zainab said annoyingly, syed replied "whatever then" and rushed into the kitchen, christian followed smiling seductively "youve been a bad boy flirting with me sy" he said "cmon you know you liked it too?" syed replied ,christian smiled again and suddenly grabbed syeds torso and pushed him up against the refrigorator door and kissed him passionatley, tugging at his belt fiercely, syed pushed back gasping for air "where did that come from?" syed struggled to ask "just giving you a little something"christian answered, syed lughed "what are you like?" he said "amazing?" christian replied, they both laughed but syed stopped, this was the perfect moment so just tell him!, "christian?" syed asked "yes syed?" christian said "i..i..love you" answered syed, christian was no longer smiling, just a look of shock and surprise was on his face, damn it! i shouldnt of told him! why would christian love ME? syed thought, syed quickly turned away tears in his eyes but suddenly felt a firm grasp of christians hand on his arm, "do you really mean that sy?" asked christian "course i do" replied syed "then why are you crying?"asked christian, "i was just scared of how you would react, if you didnt love me back" said syed, christian was shocked, wasnt it obvious he loved him too?, "syed of course i love you, so much!" said christian , syeds had tears where falling down his cheeks as he heard those words and fell into christian strong arms, christian wrapped his hands around syed who was now happy as anyone could be and syed replied "i love you" and both men stayed in each others embrace in there own little world , both in love.

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Rach: Annie - Smugbe_my_constant on September 13th, 2009 04:59 pm (UTC)
text is a bit big.. but that was sweet welldone :)
purplehair13 on September 13th, 2009 05:40 pm (UTC)
thank you and everyone else for your comments, i know i did a little mistake by making the letters big and making it show up in full on the main page (oops) but im new here so ill eventually get used to doing it right.